Unlimited possibilities, innovative functions, one system: minglecontrol!

Bring your facilities up to date with minglecontrol! The best part: the cutting-edge process software efficiently connects your different units, ensuring optimised machine utilisation. The software is ideal for all companies that need to precisely dose, process and pass on various components, whether solid or liquid. Thanks to the ability to incorporate automation into everyday operations, you can get the most out of your processes. 


minglecontrol: perfect control of all "mingle" processes!

  • web-based
  • editable
  • flexible


  • secure
  • individual
  • remote


  • innovative
  • automated
  • efficient

Working with minglecontrol – these are the advantages!

Automated process flows

With minglecontrol, you can completely automate and monitor the manufacturing of your products. The system is ideal for precisely dosing various components, processing them together and transferring them. This ensures consistent high quality across multiple production batches. The software is scalable, matching your plant size, and can be integrated into your processes as partial or full automation as desired.

Change recipes
without programming knowledge

Our innovative recipe editor guides you through the process of creating or editing recipes. One by one, the required steps are defined and the sensors and actuators to be controlled are selected and parameterised.


Changes are possible for both the current and all future steps. Recipe adjustments are also flexibly possible during ongoing production. A variety of conditions for advancing to the next step is available to ensure perfect operation.


Device-independent control from anywhere

With a well-thought-out concept, we have managed to adapt the advantages of HTML and app programming to the requirements of the industrial environment. minglecontrol is web-based and therefore operating system/device-independent. It can be displayed and controlled on PCs, tablets or smartphones. Moreover, the use of touch displays in the control centre or control cabinet with full functionality is possible.


Access to the software is possible via multiple end devices simultaneously, allowing different areas to be controlled in parallel. This means you can keep a full view (visualisation) of the processes in your fermentation cellar while simultaneously editing a recipe.


Thanks to encrypted transmission, control is protected against external access while still being operable from anywhere in the world. The long wait for a production step to end is therefore a thing of the past – instead, you can use your time efficiently and control your facility anytime and anywhere.

Die einzelnen USPs des mingletechnik Prozessleitsystems können sich sehen lassen. Dazu gehören die schnelle Implementierung, die individuelle Anpassung an Kundenwünsche und die webbasierte, editierbare und sichere Software.

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A look at minglecontrol in practice!

Schleicher – a traditional brewery


In the middle of the main season, Schleicher Brewery in Itzgrund experienced a failure of the old process control system – a disaster for production! Thanks to DriveCon and its flexible software minglecontrol, the complete process and control software could be converted and reprogrammed – in just two weeks. A special feature was the diverse requirements posed by the different products and the complex structure of the state-of-the-art facility. Currently, the Schleicher traditional brewery produces one gluten-free malt beverage and eleven types of beer, including three organic Demeter beers and two gluten-free organic beers, with minglecontrol.


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Oskar Döllinger – Owner of the Schleicher Brewery

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minglecontrol is a product of DriveCon GmbH


Since it was founded in 2001, we have specialised in PLC programming and plant visualisation, electrical design, creating hardware documentation (e.g. wiring diagrams) and commissioning electrical installations. We implemented the first automation of a brewing plant back in 2004. Our knowledge and years of experience have been bundled into our newly developed software.

With minglecontrol, we respond to the beverage industry's needs for greater product variety and dynamic production processes, offering digitalisation of the entire production process.


minglecontrol can also be used in any industry where various components need to be precisely dosed, processed together and transferred, such as dairies, wine producers, beverage manufacturers, food producers, the pharmaceutical industry, etc.


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